Kampo Museum Exhibition Catalogs and DVDs

Product No. HE-003

A Breeze from Ancient Mithila Catalog


Product No. DV-102

A Breeze from Ancient Mithila


Product No. HE-002
The Dancing Brush Catalog
(Master Kampo in His Prime)

54 pages

038M.jpg (9617 ƒoƒCƒg)
Product No. HE-001
Aboriginal Dreamtime Legends Catalog

Presents 70 individual exhibitions, including explanations
of rock paintings and other exhibition items

64 pages (47 in color) 17.6 _ 25.0 cm

086M.jpg (10589 ƒoƒCƒg)

Product No. DV-101
Aboriginal Dreamtime Legends DVD

Presents 70 individual exhibitions (enlargeable) including
artists video explanations paintings

Also includes video of Australias natural grandeur

087M.jpg (13386 ƒoƒCƒg)

Product No. G-018
The Heritage of Kampo Harada

A collection of 261 individual exhibits
from the exhibition
gThe Influences of Kampo Harada,
Father of the Written Word,h
including such categories as kana
calligraphy, large works,
framed mottos, scrolls, and screens.

135 pages, 21.0 _ 29.7 cm


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