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He loved and performed
          the art of calligraphy all his life,

  Traveling in the world
                         like the wind,

  To trace the path of writing back
                        3,000 or 4,000 years.

  "Chofu Banri,
    Going Afar on the Wind"
-Kampo Harada's
           Journey of Calligraphy -

A long film of 75 min. Code No. V-001: 3,150Yen(tax included)

A short film of 30 min. Code No. V-002: 2,625Yen(tax included) 

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A shooting scene
(at Karnak Temple, Egypt, 1986)

Shooting the film
went on for a year
at various locales:
Egypt, Sian, Peking,
Sinkiang, Venice,
New York, etc.

Planning: the head family of Kampo School of Calligraphy
Cast: Kampo Harada, Ko Kei, Juhei To,
&          (David Wilson in a short film only)
Executive producer: Shokei Harada
Narrators: Noboru Mitani(in a long film),
&                    Hitoshi Takagi (in a short film)
Director: Kenichi Oguri
Music: Masaru Sato
Cameramen: Shinichi Chiba, Adam Goldfin (in location),
&                         Kenji Watanabe (at studio)

Narrator: Noboru Mitani( superimposed dialogue in English)


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