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" The Art of Calligraphy
              by Muriel Gaggini"
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   An initiation into the Latin alphabet, a traditional art in Europe, whose jewel-like glitter is referred to as haute couture of writing

Performed and supervised by Muriel Gaggini

Part 1
   Introduction of Western calligraphy through an historical overview:

        The styles of writing and writing methods in European countries
             have developed along with their culture and history.
               Through various styles of writing shown here, you will be able to
               follow the evolution of calligraphy dating from 5,000 years ago
              or more, and understand the close relationship between the
                transition of writing styles and the development of culture and
                technical skills.

  Part 2
   The joy of writing beautiful letters -Muriel's practical examples

           There are countless ideas to discover the joy of writing beautiful
                letters. You can spice up your life with original calligraphy that is
                unique in the world. Here are some examples of persons adopting
                calligraphy as a certain art of living, together with their works:
                greeting cards such as a birthday card, a wedding card and
                an invitation to a party, a simple note, a letterhead, a kitchen label,
                a room decoration, and so on.

  Part 3
    Try your hand:

                 You will need certain implements before you can write: pen, ink,
                 paper, pencil, ruler, etc. After their usage is explained, basic
                 work is demonstrated step by step: the angle of holding your
                 pen, how to handle it, the right position of your hands, the right  
                 posture, etc

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