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Tensho (Seal Script)

tennsho.gif (1360 バイト) Tensho
Seal script of the Chang, Chou and Chin dynasties(1500-200 B. C.) is the oldest and the most formal style. It is used now for official certificates and seals. This script consisted of well-balanced horizontal and vertical, left and right symmertrical elements. Over the years, however, these characters tended to become somewhat vertically elongated.

Code No.  BK-6565   6565.gif (2261 バイト) 800Yen
Code No.  BK-6469   6469.gif (2546 バイト) 1,000Yen
Code No.  BK-6573   6573.gif (3429 バイト) 800Yen
Code No.  BK-6509   6509.gif (2979 バイト) 800Yen
Code No.  BK-6597   6597.gif (2650 バイト) 1,050Yen
Code No.  BK-6637   6637.gif (2537 バイト) 1,050Yen

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