70 rue coudenberg , 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

Tel. 32-2-512-9230

Fax. 32-3-511-7917

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The School in Belgium (CENTRE D'EDUCATION DE CALLIGRAFHIE JAPONAISE) founded by Master Kampo Harada and his son Shokei, the head of Kampo School, on the occasion of the participation in Europaria in 1989 (a national event every two years under the auspices of the Kingdom of Belgium, which chooses a theme country for various programs throughout the year. Japan was the theme country of the year.)

CENTRE D'EDUCATION DE CALLIGRAFHIE JAPONAISE is located near the Royal Palace and Central Station, and the Museum of Modern Art is standing just in front.


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The 3 rd floor with a blue flag is the CENTRE D'EDUCATION DE CALLIGRAPHIE JAPONAISE.


Courses in Penmanship and Calligraphy at KCC Brussels


1000-1200 1330-1630 1730-1930
Mon. - - -
Tues. O O -
Wed. O O -
Thurs. - - -
Fri. - O O
Sat. O O -
Sun. - - -


Students are admitted at any time into the School.
Children's classes are between 13:30 and 16:30 on Wednesday & Saturday.There is no school on Monday & Thursday & Sunday.

enrollment fee 220 BF / annual fee (a year from April) 3040 BF
monthly fee 800 BF

Enrollment fee 150 BF / annual fee (a year from April) 1600 BF
monthly fee 700 BF

The instructor is Ms. Kyoko Machida.

The School in Belgium was reported in the newspaper LE SOIR.

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In the School in Belgium, students may either sit on a chair before a high table or sit in Japanese-style before a traditional low table.