9Notes on calligraphy

[the goal]

1.  mastery of beautiful handwriting

2.  cultivation of heart and mind

Practice with perseverance, and you will be able to acquire a serene state of mind.

[matters to be noted before you take the brush]
Your character reflects your mental attitude.  Feeble mind produces feeble characters. If you want to have a powerful hand, write with a strong and vigorous mind.

 In correcting bad habits, try to restore both your mental and physical attitude to normal conditions by examining your posture, way of holding and handling the brush, and so on. "Correct and beautiful handwriting" is possible only with a "correct and beautiful mind."

[three basic ways to improve your calligraphy]
It is more important to practice by eye than by hand.  A close look at samples or fine examples will improve your handwriting.

People who insist on mastering calligraphy by themselves are apt to be incapable of

finding the Way. Receiving lessons from your teacher or advanced learners will lead to quicker  progress.

Practicing a great deal does not necessarily lead to rapid proficiency. The important thing is to imprint the sample on your memory, understand the advice of your teacher or advanced learners, and then write each piece of calligraphy wholeheartedly.

 Remember that these three ways of seeing, listening and writing should be in harmony when you practice.


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